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I grew up in the midwest in the 80s/90s. Latch key kid, only child, divorced family.  Raised on BMX, pro wrestling, grunge and punk rock. I barely graduated high school but somehow earned a degree in video production in college. I worked in television and news for a while. Found my love for documentary filmmaking while working for a publishing company. Started my own company in 2010 {True Artists Studio} producing documentary stories for businesses, non profits and weddings. My gorgeous wife Tiffany and I have seven kids {Gavin, Arebella, AddieMae, Ainslee, Madelyn, Conner and Bennett} and we live in the outskirts of town in Southwest Ohio. I currently mentor other up-and-coming filmmakers, facilitate small business classes, teach an after school film program and I also very much enjoy my public speaking opportunities. If you are interested in utilizing any of my documentaries or my public speaking services, please email me, I would be honored to be a part of your next event.



Tel: 513.882.7129

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