Film Catalog
Year 33


A documentary filmmaker tells a story of growing up in a broken home, barely graduating high school but somehow becoming a successful business owner, making great money, great family, living in the quiet suburbs of Cincinnati. Mixing faith and entrepreneurship, it's a true story of overcoming adversity to become the person you are meant to be.

3Ten Venture


A church that has been in the red financially for decades decides to issue a challenge to it's members following a passage from Malachi. 3 struggling families take the challenge to tithe ten percent for three months. Will they see blessings, will the church finally be in the black or will these families and the church go bankrupt. 

A young solider struggling with PTSD. A man struggling with the death of his daughter. A woman trying to get through a nasty divorce. A former gang member from the streets of Chicago who can't seem to shake his past. 4 Thrilling life stories, all with one common bond: Restoration.

The Restoration Project


Why would anyone want to spend their free time with teenagers? This goof-ball documentary follows the story of Jon Ferrell, a school teacher who found his calling for teaching through volunteering as a Youth Leader. 

How NOT to Run a Youth Group


An adoption story with a script straight out of the Book of Jeremiah. A young married couple wish to start a family but due to health complications, are unable to do so. Heartbroken, they receive a call from their Pastor who had heard about a baby being born in the local prison. This snowballs an incredible turn of events with signs showing up everywhere that this baby was coming and he was meant to be with this young family. 

The Almond Tree