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Let's be intentional

I absolutely LOVE this image. I have thought about having it printed and hanging up in my home. Yeah, I know, stupid idea. Why would you hang someone else's family picture on your wall? I mean, it's Wayne Gretzky for crying out loud! but it's not like, an action shot on the ice, it's his family. That's weird right? Well, here me out...

This image reminds me of what it's all about. Here we have the greatest hockey player of all time, enjoying his family. Not posed, not staged, just sitting on a couch at home with a pile of kids on him and his wife trying to eat one of them. This photo holds so much emotion for me. To see the success that Wayne has had on the ice but to then see this picture and realize that he was successful off the ice as well. That's why I want it up on my wall. To remind me of what I strive for as well.

Let's be intentional not just on the ice but off the ice as well.


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