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Welcome to my world

I'm not a great writer. I wrote my first song in 1998. Twenty years ago. The song was called "Cali4nia Kids", a basic three chord up-strum verse riff with the same chords down strummed for the chorus. A few string bends here and there and it's done. It's not a great song.

Funny though, it's a song that everyone would request. It was a catchy song with a story that resonated with people.

We live in the midwest. It's snowing on Monday and 60 and sunny on Tuesday. California was a magical place with incredible weather. I think my midwest audience could relate to that. A line in the song goes like this, "I wish that we could all go west". I wish that I was a better writer. I can practice but I probably will never feel like I'm good at it. It's okay. I didn't think Cali Kids was a good song but not everyone agreed with me. Maybe my terrible writings will resonate with you. Who knows.

Cheers to blog #0001 in the books!

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